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With outstanding service and great attention to all details, our goal is to make each Costa Rica vacation an exceptional experience and, above all, to exceed our clients expectations. Our service is characterized by great flexibility and creativity in designing custom itineraries and vacation packages to your personal budget and liking, taking into account all special requirements you may have. Take advantage of our experience as YOUR travel planner on spot!
The diverse tourist attractions throughout the country include the white sand beaches of Guanacaste, known for their crystal clear waters, luxury hotels and hailed as the "Meca" of sports fishing. Popular Playa Jaco found towards the Central Pacific (the closest to the capital city) is located close to the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park - all accessible by transport to fit your itinerary or take a one day excursion.
For nature lovers the country offers a great variety of tourist destinations including the virgin jungles of the tropical forest -- rainforests and cloud forests, the biological treasures of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the inland canals of Tortuguero National Park and nine active volcanoes. The visitor can marvel at the power of nature on a visit to Arenal Volcano and Lake, among many others. Odyssey Tours Costa Rica will help you custom design your transfers, hotel reservations, car rentals and excursions.
For those who love adventure and sports immersed in a natural environment, enjoy the surging rivers of Costa Rica with a run through the rapids in a raft or kayak. The marine life of the warm Pacific waters offer multiple locations for diving while the mountains challenge you amid a marvelous environment perfect for mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding. A canopy tour allows you to experience the exciting adventure of cruising over the tops of trees, from one platform to another, 30 meters above the ground while.
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More info Sport Fishing The thrill of Costa Rica fishing. Live the thrill of catching sailfish on fly... releasing giant marlin... battling hundred pound tuna... reeling in wahoo... or watching the spectacular jumps of a tarpon! Costa Rica fishing offers all that and more. Fish exotic such as Los Suenos - Jaco. We will help you experience the fishing charter of a life time, with the top captains and at the best prices.
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Manuel Antonio One of Costa Rica's premier tourist destinations, This Park combines natural primary and secondary forests, exuberant wildlife, and pristine beaches in one amazing location on Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Manuel Antonio's distinctive Cathedral Point takes center stage in the many breathtaking vistas that punctuate the winding drive between Quepos and the National Park entrance. Cathedral Point was once actually an island. More Pictures Gallery
More info Waterfalls Canopy That provide a unique experience in the canopy of the tropical rainforest. While zipping over cables as high as 120 foot over ground level, we offer you a bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy, which is home to an estimated 60% of rainforest species!. Located near a Biological Reserve is part of an important ecological transition zone between drier and humid. This transitional rainforest grows on a great biodiversity. More
Crocodile Man Tour Then journey begins right at "Grande de Tárcoles" river, In this you would see then Manglar de Guacalillo(Guacalillo mangrave swamp); which is a shelter of more than 50 species of birds and a great variety of animals like for example Scarlet Macaw. and many more among others.The journey takes about 2 hours which guarantees the client to end up simply astonished of an adventure impossible to forget. More More info
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