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The tour will educate and transmit an orchid culture to our visitors, promoting the trade of orchid hybrids produced by man. Helping the preservation of wild orchids in the forests.

We are orchid’s experts, giving the correct information about Orchid plants by qualified personnel teaching our visitor how to grow orchids in a very entertaining and interactive way.

The orchid family is the most expense in the vegetable kingdom with around 30.000 species identified and more than 100,000 registered. The orchid’s family is known by man all around the world except in the oceans and are classified by:

Clase Monocotiledonea –
Familia orchidacea generos: Cattleya, Cymbidium,
Dendrobium, Odontoglosum, Oncidium, Paphiopidelium, Vandas and the species are in the hundreds.

Costa Rica has an astonishing number of plants, and people are drawn from all over the world to see the beautiful flowers that grow here. Of special interest to many are the numerous varieties of orchids. In fact, Costa Rica has over Thirteen Hundred species of orchids.


*A/C Transportation                     *2 hours tour
*Bilingual tour guide                    *Orchid bouquet

2 People minimum, 25 minutes away Rate upon request 

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