Poas Volcano


Poás Volcano National Park, in Spanish Parque Nacional Volcán Poás , is a National Park that covers an area of approximately 16,000 acres (65 km²); the summit is 8,900 feet (2,708 m). One of the attractive features about Poás is that you can get all the way to the edge of the crater.

The volcano is located in the Central Volcanic Conservation Area located in the Alajuela Province near the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, which encompasses the area around the Poas Volcano.

The main crater is 950 feet (289 m) deep and is quite active with frequent small geyser and lava eruptions; however the last major eruptions were during 1952-54. Two more craters make up parts of the park, the extinct Von Frantzuis crater and the Botos crater.

The park contains a variety of wildlife such as the Bang’s Mountain Squirrel. The park is frequently closed to visitors because of sulfuric gas emissions. There are a number of indications that the volcano is slowly building towards a new eruption over the last decade.


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