Water Sports (wave runners)


Waverunners or Jet Skis, as they are sometimes called, have become one of the most popular sports worldwide; from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the coldest waters of Europe and beyond.

What could be better than exploring the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Jaco coast than Waverunner, which can be rented in most of the bays, beaches and coves around Jaco?

The Yamaha XL700, currently the most popular personal jet ski in Costa Rica, can accommodate up to 3 people, has a 701 cc engine and is fun and easy to operate. The great design of the chin helmet makes them stable and will rarely tip over unless driven recklessly.

It includes:

* Transportation A / C * Bilingual tour guide

Pick up time: 7:00 a.m.

Leave: 5:00 PM

Minimum 4 people, 2 hours away
Rate on request

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Water Sports (wave runners)